The Power to MOVE YOU

It’s really no surprise that Debbie’s drive and determination have propelled her forward to the forefront of her career.  As one of the area’s leading real estate professionals, her dedicated approach to her clients goals is Making a Splash in Snohomish County.  This dynamic woman takes service to new levels of excellence by approaching your real estate goals as if they were her own, with the same spirit that has allowed her to enjoy various successes throughout her life. 

The strong work ethic, focus and discipline that are the backbone of all of Debbie’s pursuits, serve as an advantage to clients during this challenging time.  When it comes to this important investment, she won’t quit until you are 100 percent satisfied with the results of your transaction. 

Specializing in the area’s Short Sales, Pre-foreclosure, First Time Home buyers, Senior Services and Military Personnel.

Investor Friendly and Internet Friendly

Whatever your real estate needs, you need the help of a professional with a commitment to your goals that matches your own.  A professional with a determination to bring you nothing less than winning results.  Debbie Atwood is that professional.  Call her today and discover why her unique approach to business is Making a Splash in Snohomish County.  You’ll be glad you did!


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