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Give It To Team Bobbi!

June 30, 2011

Give It To Team Bobbi!

Jet City Pizza of Marysville is joining the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Give It To Team Bobbi!

Members of the Costa Family of Marysville have joined together to form a team for the Light The Night Walk for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on September 24, 2011.

Sisters Jeralita, Rietta and Charvette Costa lost their mother Bobbi Costa to AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) 10 years ago.  Joing them on Team Bobbi for a second year are Charisha Costa, Lekenzie Mortensen, Serenity Monar, Azucena Garcia and cousins Cynthia and Taylor Neuhoff and Angela and Danika Mogenson.

Jet City Pizza owner Tristan Costa is the son of Rietta Costa.  He is proud to find a way to support the team and the fight against the disease that took the life of his Grandma so suddenly at the young age of 59.

Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) is a fast-growing cancer of the blood and bone marrow.  In AML, the bone marrow makes many unformed cells called blasts.  Blasts normally develop into white blood cells that fight infection.  However, the blasts are abnormal in AML.  They do not develop and cannot fight infections.  The bone marrow may also make abnormal red blood cells and platelets.  The number of abnormal cells for leukemia cells grows quickly.  They crowd out the normal red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets the body needs.

Rietta Costa said “ it was all so sudden, we didn’t even know she was sick. One day she didn’t feel well and went to the clinic. They took her by ambulance to the hospital . Within 4 days she was on total life support and then in 1 short week was gone. We had never heard of AML and she didn’t even have a chance at treatment it was so aggressive. We walk in the hopes of a cure for AML so that others can live.
In honor of Bobbi Costa,who would have been 70 this July 1st, Jet City pizza will donate 25% of every full price order Wednesdays from June 29- August 31 when you say “ Give it to Team Bobbi”

Following in his family’s philanthropic footsteps, Tristan Costa believes that the measure of true success is being able to give back to your community. Most recently he was a sponsor for the Marysville Tulalip Relay for Life, providing over $1100.00 in free pizza to the organizational meetings.
Jet City Pizza is located at 11515 State Ave Suite C Marysville WA 98271 360 653 5858

The full menu can be found online at

Not sure if they deliver to your area? Call, you may be surprised!Debbie Atwood Is Making A Splash In Snohomish County!
You can find information on the Light the Night walk at
To make a donation to Team Bobbi, call Rietta Costa @ 425 232 3387 or go to or click on Donate and enter Team Bobbi .

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Everett Police Department

June 30, 2011

Everett Police Department

The Everett Police Department will hold an open House on July 4th. Located at 3002 Wetmore Ave you can visit the Everett Police Department and have some fun too.

Along with the other festivities going on in the City that day, take a peek inside the Everett Police Department.  Crime Prevention activities and information booths will also be available.

Receive a “Passport to Police” and search the Everett Police Department maze.  When you complete the passport you will receive a prize.

Meet Detectives, Crime scene investigators, K-9 handlers and Colby the Crime Prevention Dog!

Take advantage of the FREE Everett Transit on July 4th!

Enjoy your Fourth Of July Holiday and Be Safe!

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June 29, 2011

Fourth Of July In Everett

The Fourth Of July festivities are approaching and you won’t want to miss the excitement.

Beginning at 11:00AM at Colby and Wetmore Avenues between Wall and 26th Streets you can catch the Colors Of Freedom Parade.  There will be Free Everett Transit Shuttles from the Everett Station.

From 1:00 to 11:00PM be at the American Legion Park located at 145 Alverson Blvd for the Colors Of Freedom Festival.

There will be live music, a food festival, activities for the kids and it is the perfect place to watch the Fireworks Show over Port Gardner Bay.  Note that there will be NO Parking at American Legion Park so catch a ride at the Everett Transit Station or at Everett Community College Broadway lot.

At 10:20 see the Thunder On The Bay Fireworks! Viewing areas  at American Legion Park and The Grand Ave Park at 1800 Grand Ave.  Note that there will be NO Parking at these areas.

All of the Everett Transit Busses will operate FREE of charge on July 4th!

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Could This Be The Most Beautiful Place In The World?

June 10, 2011

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in the country – maybe even the world.

Often it lacks the sun around here but honestly when the sun does make its appearance, there is no other place to be. One of my favorite places here is the Olympic Peninsula. Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter.   It is one of the MOST beautiful spots in Washington.  There are so many beautiful sights from the Olympic Mountains to the rainforest to the waterfalls, to the ocean.  It is definitely a must see.

Not too long ago, Tomi was an avid Twilight fan (she has since moved on to Justin Bieber) so we took a road trip from Everett to Forks (about a 2 hour drive) to visit the sites mentioned in the movie

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This photo was taken at La Push, home of “Jacob”.  La Push is a small community located about 14 miles out of Forks and home to the Quileute Tribe and known for its whale watching.

If you ever get the chance I would recommend visiting the Olympic Peninsula and if you’re not from Washington, the Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in country!


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Is Your House Stinky?

June 7, 2011

Is your house stinky? 


One of the first impressions a potential buyer notices is the house smell.  Good or bad.

Unfortunately, you as the present homeowner may not even notice it. But I can guarantee you any one visiting your home WILL notice it.


The worst odors – Pet smells, tobacco smoke, rotting garbage, diaper pail and spoiled milk!

There are all kinds of things that can cause that sour house smell.  Finding the source is  your first action step.  There are also lots of products that can be used to help get rid of the smell but be careful not to think that a quick aerosol spray will take care of the problem.  As soon as the spray has dissipated the smell is back!



These are a few of the common problems that can be found in a foul smelling house.


Smokers – that sticky yellow stuff you may see on your walls and windows….

Pets – we love them but they do have accidents

Mold – can be in the attic, basement, behind the walls, under the carpet etc.

Mildew – can be in the bathroom, windows, window sills, basements etc.

Cooking – what did you have for dinner last night? I bet I could tell you what was in it!

Attics – musty, mold, mildew

Basements – musty, mold, mildew

Crawl space – water, mold, mildew

Carpet and carpet pads – mildew, mold.  Lots of times cleaning carpets can leave the pad wet

Walls and wallpaper – smoke problems, mold

Windows – mildew, mold

Roof – mildew, mold

Furniture – stains from moisture, pets etc

Rotting food?  Check your refrigerator and under beds etc.  Yes, I said under the bed…



Once you have located the problem area, get rid of it!  Some things can be taken care of by just throwing it out.  Others can be taken care of by simply using soap and water. If soap and water isn’t going to be enough then try some of these other ideas.



Saturate carpets, furniture fabric or curtains with a product like Fabreze or a household product like baking soda which is a good odor absorber and then vacuum it up in an hour or so.  Don’t rub the area but blot it.  Rubbing will just work the soiled area in deeper and will probably ruin what ever your rubbing on.


Vinegar is great for pet odors and is also good to use after you have cooked something like fish for dinner by leaving a bowl of vinegar on the kitchen counter to absorb the smell.

Use baking soda – a couple of tablespoons per 1 cup of water in the microwave for food spatters.  Heat for a few minutes and then wipe it down.


Do you have a wood chopping block in the kitchen?  Scrub it down with lemon juice and baking soda.  Rinse and then season it with mineral oil.


Bathroom smells – For the toilet use about a cup of vinegar, pour into the bowl and let stand for a few minutes.  Scrub the toilet and flush!  For sinks use about 1/2 cup of bleach and 1/2 cup of water and pour down the drain.  Wait for about an hour and rinse with lots of cold water. Don’t leave wet towels out!


Some pets just stink!  Use 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with a 1/4 cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid.  Rub this through your dog’s fur but be sure to watch the eyes please!  Rinse Rover well.


Here is one for your cat box – Empty the litter and use about 1/2 inch of vinegar into the box.  Cover with a very good amount of baking soda.  If you have a school age child they will probably enjoy seeing this mixture bubble!  Top it off with several inches of water and stir it all up.  Let the box soak for a few hours and then drain the liquid and scrub that box out!  Wash with HOT soapy water and let dry.  Use a thin layer of baking soda on the bottom of the box and then refill with your fresh litter.


Have a musty smelling closet?  Fill an old sock with a few tablespoons of fresh UNUSED ground coffee and hang in your closet!


Commercial products can be expensive so try this sometime – Soak a cotton ball with vanilla or peppermint extract and place in a clean glass jar with holes punched in the lid.


Dust your home and don’t forget to clean your vents and ducts!  Dust actually does smell.


Check the crawlspace for dead rodents!!


Use bleach on walls and wallpaper and vinegar for hardwood floors and linoleum.


In some instances you may have to repaint or replace carpets.  You may hire a professional to come in and clean the carpets to help get rid of smoke odor in the carpets.  This is one of the most difficult odors to get rid of!


Apply some of these hints and then nose around your home frequently and RE-APPLY when necessary.


A first impression should be a smell good impression!



June 7, 2011

The Marysville Strawberry Festival June 15th-19th, 2011.

It’s Strawberry Time In Marysville!

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Marysville Strawberry Festival

This is one of my favorite festivals in the area. The Marysville Strawberry Festival is one of the longest running festivals in the County. With the Grand Parade, Food Park, Adult Trike Races, Royalty Appearances, Carnival, Car Shows, Kiddie Parade, Fireworks and of course tons and tons of Strawberries and Strawberry Shortcake!!

Check out the links for a schedule of Events and enjoy a week of fun filled days and evenings in Marysville. It looks like there will be a great line-up of Music this year.

Don’t forget to check out the local berry farm. My daughter and I enjoy visiting Biringer Farms and filling a bucket or two of  Strawberries!!

I’ll be there, will you?

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Hydroplane Races In Everett

June 4, 2011

Experience the energy and excitement at Everett’s Silver Lake Hydro Plane races this weekend! Come on out to the lake and bring your shades! It’s actually going to be in the 70’s this weekend! The annual event is sponsored by the Seattle Outboard Association.

Set yourself up at the beach and watch the annual races.      

Where: Thornton A Sullivan Park

When: June 4, 2011

Time: Noon to 6:00PM

The Kiwanis Club will be there to sell refreshments.

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