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Accused Washington Foreclosure Scammer Responds to Blog Post

October 21, 2010

In 2009 I posted an article on a local man that was accused of scamming hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure.  Mr. Kaiser responded to that post yesterday.  Washington Scammer Will Pay.

Since the original post is over a year ago and Mr. Kaiser has recently responded – I thought it only fair to bring it to the front of my blog so that his response can be noticed.   You can see Mr. Kaiser’s comment at the above link.

In fairness – I would also invite Mr. Kaiser – if he wishes – to respond to a couple of questions.

Debbie Atwood Is Making A Splash In Snohomish County!

1.  If this was a foreclosure rescue scam that never happened.  What exactly DID you do for those homeowners?

2.  Of the 3 dozen homeowners that are still in their homes – are they renting those homes from you now, or do they still own their homes?

3.What happened to the other hundreds of homeowners?

4.  Were any of those homeowners referred to an attorney before signing an agreement with you?  Were they given any legal or tax advice?

I have an open mind – Maybe we will all learn something here?

Debbie Atwood Is Making A Splash In Snohomish County!

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