How Healthy Is Your Home Investment?

How healthy is your home investment?

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a vital tool for homeowners and I believe the only real tool that provides an up to the minute report  of home prices in your neighborhood.

A CMA compares your house with similar ones on the market in your neighborhood during a specific time period.  This information is combined with the value of any upgrades you may have on your house and will give you anaccurate picture of your home’s market value.

Because the real estate market changes with supply and demand, interest rates, events going on in the world and the economy, a CMA gives you a snapshot of the market at a particular time.

Because of this, I recommend homeowners check their home value every year.

Whether you are buying a home, selling a home or refinancing, a CMA is most important tool you can use in setting the price and the best time to do any of the above.

Other benefits of an annual comparative market analysis?

A CMA can give you a realistic picture of your net worth.

A CMA can give you a realistic picture to provide adequate replacement insurance. You don’t want to find out after the disaster!

Know your tax value. Are tax assessments increasing faster than market values?

What is your estate value? No one wants to leave a grieving family struggling with estate taxes.

What is your equity value?

Know your sales value – Even if you are not thinking of selling – who knows you just might change your mind about selling!

What is the difference?

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – is an objective report prepared for you by a real estate professional.  The report lists homes for sale and homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood.  A CMA usually includes location, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and information such as asking price, sales price and days on the market.  The data should be of homes that are comparable to your home.  This information is essential in determining a selling price.

Appraisal – is a subjective report prepared by a certified appraiser for a fee.  The report gives an analysis of the estimated value of a home and considers square footage, construction, quality, condition, floor plan, landscaping, surrounding community and other factors based on the appraiser’s experience and opinions. An appraisal is required to obtain a new loan or to refinance.

For most homeowners their home is the single largest investment they will ever make.  Shouldn’t you know what your investment is worth today? How healthy is your home investment?

Contact Debbie Atwood for an up to date Comparative Market Analysis.

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