Maintenance On Your Furnace – It’s that time of year again

Maintenance on your furnace – It’s that time of year again

Fall is approaching quickly and that means it is time to schedule your annual furnace maintenance check up. Quite a few years back I learned this lesson the hard way!  

In the Pacific Northwest we usually have pretty mild winters but of course the winter my furnace needed to be replaced I hadn’t done my annual maintenance check- up.  It was a cold November that year and my family and I woke up to some cold floors.

Lucky for me my favorite heating and air conditioning company Aire-Force Heating, came to my rescue within hours!  Believe me, I haven’t missed a check up since then. So here are some tips to make sure your toes stay warm this winter.

1. Clean your furnace – I prefer having this done for me but it is possible to do yourself.  The Filter, the Blower and the Motor.

2. Change your air filter.  Your air filters should be changed monthly.  They are inexpensive and most furnaces today make it easy for you to do this yourself.  Changing the filter is a necessity for good heating efficiency.

3. Gas Leaks – Check for leaks and if you find any call a professional to fix this for you.

4. Make sure your thermostat is working correctly.

5. Check your Pilot Light.  It should be lit and the flame should be blue.  If it is not blue, there is problem that needs attention.

6. Is the Control Valve on?  Your furnace will not heat your home if it’s not!

7. Check for debris.  The venting of your furnace system should be checked each year to be sure there is no debris present.  Anything that might block the vents can cause some big problems for you.

8. Oil the Motor – The motor should be oiled each year and it may even need it throughout the year.

9. Check the Tension Belt and replace or adjust if needed.

10. Turn your furnace off when the cold spell is over!

Maintenance on your furnace is easy and taking care of these few items each season will ensure your furnace will run correctly and keep it running efficiently.

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