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Back To School!

August 24, 2010

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It’s that time of year when we start thinking about back to school.  When this time of year rolls around I often have mixed feelings about it.  I realize that the summer season is coming to a close and the Pacific Northwest weather change is approaching quickly.  There is limited  “sleep in” mornings.  I come to terms that I will have to share that treasured time I’ve been able to spend with my daughter all summer with her school teacher and school activities schedule.  There is a realization that my pocket-book is going to take a hit with new school clothes and supplies.  My evenings are  spent doing homework and my baby is another year older!

On the other hand I look forward to the last day of summer vacation breakfast in bed I prepare for Tomi.  Just like the first day of summer vacation, Tomi enjoys breakfast in bed on the last day of summer vacation.

It’s fun to see her tastes and choices change through the years as we go clothes shopping  every summer. I remember a time when she didn’t care what clothes I purchased for her school year.  Have you gone shopping with a new 5th grader lately?

I look forward to the first morning when I hear the alarm clock in her room start singing and knowing that in about 10 minutes I will go in, turn it off and wake her.  Once she’s up though she will be ready quickly not being able to  wait to see which friends are in her new class and what is her teacher going to be like?  I also know those get ready quickly mornings are not going to last for long.  As the year progresses the 10 minute alarm intervals will increase. We will be grateful for those holiday’s off.

Even now, I anxiously await to hear all about her first day of school adventures.  She will be the oldest on campus this year.  Remember how it felt to be the big shots in school?  Everyone looked up to the 5th graders!   Yes, I will have the pleasure of hearing the funny stories, the drama stories and the “I already have homework” exclamations as she jumps into the car and we drive home.  My phone will be in “off” mode.   With the new school year will come new goals, new growth, new experiences, her last year of elementary school and eventually the first day of summer vacation!

Since my daughter is now a 5th grader I’m positive I will not be allowed out of the car, so I’ll see you in the parking lot!

To help you get ready for the 2010- 2011 school year I’ve included some local school district information.

Generic Back To School Supplies List (Check with your school district for specific lists)

Edmonds School District School begins September 7, 2010

Everett School District School begins September 8, 2010

Marysville School District School begins September 7, 2010

Lake Stevens School District School begins September 8, 2010

Granite Falls School District School begins September 8,  2010

Snohomish School District School begins September 8, 2010  (tentative? Education talks continue)

Monroe School District School begins September 1, 2010

Stanwood School District School begins September 2, 2010

Arlington School District School begins September 8, 2010

Mukilteo School District School begins September 1, 2010? (Education negotiations taking place)

Debbie Atwood is Making A Splash In Snohomish County!



August 20, 2010

Half million dollar house in Salinas, Californ...

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HUH? If you’re confused you are not alone. Keeping up with the keep your home from foreclosure programs that keep coming out is a daily chore! Every time someone asks me,
“What do you know about this new program “they” are coming out with to help homeowners avoid foreclosure?” I have to ask, which one?

The new kids on the block would be from our favorite servicers’ Chase and Bank of America, with the Assist To List Program (Chase) and the High Performance Outreach Program or HPOP (Bank of America). After doing some research on the programs, both are their own spin offs from the HAFA program. Servicers’ were given 120 days from April to put the HAFA program into effect. Chase has begun a call center that is dedicated to help their borrowers who have listed their home for short sale and anyone else trying to start the short sale process. BofA has used their Equator system and once your short sale package is entered into the Equator system it is routed to your negotiator for a speedier process. BofA has also gathered a handful of borrowers that have fallen out of their loan mods or did not qualify for a loan mod and has contacted them directly to start their new HPOP program. BofA expects to tweek their program in the future.

The biggest differences from the past is that you no longer need a hardship letter, there is no deficiency judgement or threat of, the seller will receive $3,000 at closing for moving and we can expect (dare I expect?) a 7-10 day answer if it’s a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan.

Be aware – this is not for every short sale – we are still in trial mode and most of these borrowers have been “hand-picked” for these programs! Maybe you had a FHA loan or maybe you fell out of your loan modification program. Do these qualifications not fit you? Stay tuned for the next

H _ _ _ program!

Until then, tell me what your program would be. I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Debbie Atwood Is Making A Splash In Snohomish County!

Blue Grass Condominium Complex

August 18, 2010

Check out this new home just listed in the Blue Grass Condominium Complex in South Everett. A 2 bedroom unit with 2 assigned parking spaces and a great Clubhouse. The unit is clean and ready for its new homeowners.

2 bedroom 2 bath

Debbie Atwood is “Making A Splash In Snohomish County!”

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