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A Forgotten Soldier

December 13, 2009

A friend of mine is deployed to a remote area of Afghanistan. I was so surprised to hear from him recently and anxiously read the letter and was happy to hear that he was safe and making the best of the Holiday Season while he was away. He is in charge of a team of 14 men and 2 women. He said that morale was pretty good although he had 3 men and one woman Soldier who had not received one piece of mail from home and it was becoming obvious to him that they were missing a piece of home. It concerns him at times because when morale is low then focus is low.

Their location is remote and they rarely have access to PX for hygiene items and what – not. They are living in tents and are expecting snow. They do have a microwave and 110 electricity.

I am putting together care packages for these Soldiers and wanted to extend an invitation to any of my local friends who would like to donate to these care packages. Below is a list of items that would be greatly appreciated by these Soldiers. Also any notes or cards you would like to include would be passed on as well.

Hygiene Items for men and women

Razors- triple blade with a little moisture strip on them are really favored by the men apparently
Razors for women
Shaving creme – non aerosol – tubes are best for men and women
toothpaste – travel size
deodorant – roll on or stick – non aerosol
panty liners
hair ties
foot powder – non aerosol
small combs and brushes
nail clippers
Body Wash – travel size
wet ones – travel size
Q-tips – travel size
Hand Lotion

Snacks/Food – Some ideas: These make a great treat from the MRE’s they get and don’t like.
Flavored Instant Oatmeal
breakfast bars
tuna pouches
nuts – small sized packages
Powdered drink mix to add to their water
REAL Coffee
popcorn – microwave
rice Krispy treats
individually wrapped hard candies
small boxes of cracker jacks
Cracker and cheese – small individual packages
Instant Hot Chocolate

Anything else you can think of that is small and they can carry with them on their missions is appreciated. Nothing with PORK in it as it is not allowed in the Country.

Misc. Items to ward off boredom during down time. Rock, Paper, Sissors Tournaments are getting old!
Puzzle books
Books – old books you have read and are just laying around the house are great to pass on
Magazines- same as above – they don’t really like “Time” type magazines as they are living it.
Nerf balls and footballs
writing paper and envelopes and pens – no stamps

These are just ideas so anything else you can think of is great. They will receive these after Christmas. If you would like to help out please email me or call me and I will happily pick up items or they can be dropped off at my office. If you have any questions let me know.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your families.


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