Where Do We Go After The Foreclosure?

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We don’t hear much in the news about what happens in life after foreclosure. But for many it is continued nights of unrest and concern. While going through the process homeowners are treated rudely and disrespected in many ways, yet many foreclosures are the result of some catostrophe that has taken place in the homeowners life. A death of a loved one, a major illness, unemployment or divorce. Add to this a difficult real estate market and you find these are common events that can lead to loss of a home.

For many the problems have just begun. In real life a foreclosure can cut the family out of the rental market because landlords are skeptical to rent to a family that has just gone through foreclosure. Many families have lost their homes because of unemployment and find that while applying for new employment employers will check credit. Foreclosure on a credit record can keep them out of the rankings for that particular job. The consequences are many and can be deep.

What should be done when faced with foreclosure
Beginning the process of rebuilding your credit should be started immediately. When you know that foreclosure is in your near future it is imperative that you begin to save as much money as possible. In many cases you are probably going to be faced with larger rent deposits and for the recently foreclosed cash on hand can be a problem. money ladder

Rent –Consider that you should not pay more than 25% -28% of your income on rent. Your rent should be the first thing you pay each month. Your payment history will be a huge factor when you do apply for a new home mortgage in the future.

Credit Cards- If you have credit card debt- work on reducing it. If you can afford to have a credit card then be sure to make these payments a priority and keep your balances paid off monthly. Financial advisers suggest to keep your charges below 30% of your credit limit. Make every effort to avoid balances. A common mistake consumers will make is to close their credit accounts in the attempt to raise their credit score. This attempt can actually make your score lower!

Other Credit– Pay on time. Finances may be tight but by paying your bills within 30 days your credit report will show a positive rating. Don’t let 30 days go by without paying your bill.

Payroll Taxes Be sure to review your deductions. If you are receiving a refund each year, change this. It doesn’t make sense to save money through the Government when you could be using it today to get back on your feet!

Savings– Begin a savings account and put something in it every month. Even small amounts will build up! Have a goal to save 3 months of expenses saved. Before you know it you will have a down payment saved for your future home. Your savings account is the beginning of accumulating your new assets and will be reviewed when you apply for that new home in the future.

New Credit– Begin new credit carefully and slowly. Eventually you will be offered new credit but determine if you really need those. Keeping up on the above items can build a very strong credit history without taking on additional responsibility that you probably don’t need.

There is a life after foreclosure and the future will look bright again!



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