Create A New Look For Under $50.00

Here are nine simple ideas to create a new look to your home for under $50.00!

* Paint the front door. This is an easy way to liven up your curb appeal. A freshly painted door will add impact to the front of your home.

* Pressure-wash your home. A good power wash on your home’s exterior will often have your paint job looking as good as new.

*Maintain your yard. Keep your lawn in good condition. Keep it cut and clean. Haul away any trash, prune and weed whack your yard. A yard that hasn’t been maintained can leave the impression of a home in disrepair.

* Add exterior details. Add some new address numbers and a splash of color with potted plants are an inexpensive way to give your home a home sweet home feeling.

*Install new cabinet handles. Can’t afford new cabinets? Swap out old, broken or unsightly handles with new replacements.

*Install new light switches and outlets. New switches and outlets can usually be replaced using the same wiring.

* Replace your molding. An older room can be updated with some new molding, perhaps painted in an accent color, crisp white or natural wood tone.

* Wash walls and windows. Just like the exterior paint job, you can often return the luster of an old coat of paint with a little elbow grease. Crystal clear windows will also improve the look of a home’s exterior.

* Paint the walls. if you decide you want to update a room’s color palette, the right shade can dramatically change the feel of a room. Sometimes just painting one wall or section is all that’s needed.


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