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Which Is Better for the Buyer or Investor; Foreclosure vs. Shortsale?

September 22, 2009

Foreclosure vs. Shortsale?


Has The $8,000 Tax Credit Made A Difference?

September 19, 2009

Check out the link below to see how the homebuyer tax credit has helped over 1 million first time homebuyers this year.

Tax Credit for First Time Home Buyer

How High Tech Is Your Home?

September 11, 2009

If the latest technology or entertainment options are important in your next new home – Consider these questions.

1. Are there enough jacks in every room for cable TV and high-speed Internet hook-ups?

2. Are there enough telephone extensions or jacks?

3. Is the home pre-wired for a home theater or multi-room audio and video?

4. Does the home have a local area network (LAN) for linking computers?

5. Does the home already have wiring for DSL or another high-speed Internet connection?

6. Does the home have multi-zoning heating and coolling controls with programmable thermostats?

7. Does the home have multi-room lighting controls, window-covering controls or other home automation features?

8. Is the home wired with multi-purpose in-wall wiring that allows for reconfiguration to update services as technology changes?

check out for the latest high-tech products and services.

Create A New Look For Under $50.00

September 10, 2009

Here are nine simple ideas to create a new look to your home for under $50.00!

* Paint the front door. This is an easy way to liven up your curb appeal. A freshly painted door will add impact to the front of your home.

* Pressure-wash your home. A good power wash on your home’s exterior will often have your paint job looking as good as new.

*Maintain your yard. Keep your lawn in good condition. Keep it cut and clean. Haul away any trash, prune and weed whack your yard. A yard that hasn’t been maintained can leave the impression of a home in disrepair.

* Add exterior details. Add some new address numbers and a splash of color with potted plants are an inexpensive way to give your home a home sweet home feeling.

*Install new cabinet handles. Can’t afford new cabinets? Swap out old, broken or unsightly handles with new replacements.

*Install new light switches and outlets. New switches and outlets can usually be replaced using the same wiring.

* Replace your molding. An older room can be updated with some new molding, perhaps painted in an accent color, crisp white or natural wood tone.

* Wash walls and windows. Just like the exterior paint job, you can often return the luster of an old coat of paint with a little elbow grease. Crystal clear windows will also improve the look of a home’s exterior.

* Paint the walls. if you decide you want to update a room’s color palette, the right shade can dramatically change the feel of a room. Sometimes just painting one wall or section is all that’s needed.

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