Home Selling Tips for Today’s Market

With so many foreclosures and/or short sales on the market and the decline of sold homes in today’s market how do you successfully compete? Believe it or not it is not as difficult as you may think.  Using these simple tips will put you in front of the serious homebuyer looking for that new place to call Home Sweet Home.

First Impressions are probably the most important. When you are trying to sell your home you want the homebuyer to take notice right away. Keep your lawn mowed and gardens tidy.  A green lawn does wonders for the homes facade.  Don’t leave the water hose strung across the lawn when not in use, remove the pile of shoes from the front porch, keep the porch swept as well as the drive and walkways.  Leaving the kids toys and bikes in the middle of the walkway are an obstacle to the potential homebuyer.

The Pink or the Blue bathroom is probably not every buyers favorite color.  Try to stay more neutral.  There are great “decorator” colors available today that are still more neutral and pleasing to most buyers.  These more neutral colors are more pleasing to the buyers eye and don’t make them think of what they will need to do to the house before move in day.  Using lighter tones makes a house look larger.  If you know a buyer is going to be touring your home open the drapes and blinds and turn on some lights to keep the home bright.  You don’t have to turn on every single light!

Make sure your home is CLEAN!  I have more buyers comment on this than anything else!  “Why wouldn’t they at least clean their home before putting it on the market?”  Clear off all the countertops and straighten up the closets.  Now is the time to get rid of the things you don’t want to take with you once your moving day arrives.  Make sure the windows are clean, the kids bedrooms are straightened up and please clean the bathroom.  Keep the shoes in the garage rather than at the entry.  You know what?  Mrs. Buyer ALWAYS looks in the oven!

Do you have pets? Even if you have an outdoor pet your home most likely has some sort of pet order.  To help with this have your carpets cleaned and then use baking soda on the carpets before vacuuming.  Reptiles? Do you have a relative that will babysit for you while you are on the market?  If not, then keep the area as clean as possible and do use note cards for tidbits of information on these special creatures.  They are scarey to a lot of people.  Dogs should be at least kenneled outside during a showing of your home.

These are all simple and reasonable tips you can use to keep your home at the top of the buyers list.


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